Friday, June 22, 2007

Embarrassed, but Well Rested.

First off, I am sorry. It has been well over a month since my last broadcast from Wasteland Land, and that isn't right. I can imagine by now the only person to whom I am writing is some poor overweight Blogger employee who has to peruse all of these crappy blogs. Sorry, my friend. I can't really speak for Wes, who appears to be having a good time in Ecuador.

At least he doesn't have to wipe today

As for myself, I have a kind-of good excuse. I was finishing things up for a music video (check back at Rosenblog for updates) and getting back to work so that I can continue to pay rent in my Brooklyn palace. Other than that, it has been just supreme laziness. The weather here is still tolerable, and I have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible until it gets nasty.

To make up for it though, I am going to go on a bit of a tear. I have some nice things Wasteland related brewing, which I will share with everyone starting tomorrow. This weekend will be like the Sunday Times; way too much information to take in at once, but riviting journalism. Maybe it will just be the former. With more spelling and gramatical errors. Hey, I didn't earn that film degree to construct sentances good.

Keep it locked, I will see you (hello? is this thing on?) tomorrow.

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